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Narrative Series

Each of these series of paintings creates a distinct narrative; i.e. a story with a beginning, middle and end. They are meant to be seen as a complete group in a specific order, and unfold episodically just like the stories in the Bible.

  Biblical and Midrashic Texts Sarah Redux by Tom L. Freudenheim Sarah vs. Abraham by Menachem Wecker (Houston Chronicle) Painting Sarah by Jonathan Mark (Jewish Week) Sarah’s Trials: The Opera by Laura Kruger A Woman’s Voice in a Man’s Mouth by Judith Margolis Sarah’s Trials:…

In desperation, Lot’s daughters commit incest with their father. What are the consequences? One child that is born is named Moab, the ancestor of Ruth and the Davidic line of the Messiah. Other descendants are the Moabite women who seduce the Israelites in the Wilderness…

Multiple Paintings with the Same Theme

Many of the diverse incidents in the Bible have fascinated me over the years. I have treated the same specific subject over the course of my career from different perspectives and in many different styles, each hopefully lending a new insight into the event.

Serach bat Asher and Jacob Midrash ha-Gadol, Genesis, 46:25 [The brothers said:] If we tell him [Jacob] right away “Joseph is alive!” perhaps he will have a stroke. What did they do? They said to Serach the daughter of Asher, “Tell our father Jacob that…© 2024. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.