Exodus by Richard McBee

Judaism and Art

The complex narratives of the Hebrew Bible and their commentaries fuel my paintings for contemporary meanings and relevance. 


My themes over the last 35 years include contemplating God’s relationship with his chosen people; the marital relationships of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs and the role that female sexuality plays in the narratives leading to the Davidic kingdom.



Whenever there is a biblical or Talmudic story that I find disturbing and/or challenging to modern values, I am compelled to explore it in the hundreds of artworks you will find here.



Additionally posted are many of my Jewish Art reviews that explore the vitality of contemporary Jewish Art and its long history, reaching back 1800 years.



Thanks for taking a look. I look forward to your comments.  


Recent Paintings


A radical redefinition of Jewish visual culture.

Ori Soltes

“Surely no artist has approached the story of Abraham and Isaac found in Genesis 22 with more visual power and continuous conceptual energy than Richard McBee…”

Ori Soltes, 2016