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Yom Kippur And The Akeidah
Paintings at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Written on September 24, 2008

Jews Praying in the Synagogue on the Day of Atonement (1878), oil on canvas by Maurycy Gottlieb Courtesy Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

The Akeidah casts a very long shadow in the lives of all Jews, every day and particularly at this time of year.   The terrifying narrative in Genesis 22, only 19 lines long, and yet recited every morning as prelude to the first recitation of “Shema Yisrael” sets the essential tone of our prayers.  We begin our daily approach to G-d with the plea, ” Master of all worlds! Not in the merit of our righteousness do we cast our supplications before Your, but in the merit of Your abundant mercy.”

Tanach at the Tel Aviv Museum

Written on June 22, 2008

David and Saul (1951) oil on canvas by Avraham Naton  Courtesy Tel Aviv Museum of Art

As an artist when I visit a museum I relish the opportunity to soak up a gamut of aesthetic experiences, the wonderful array of visual and intellectual stimulation that characterizes looking at any kind of art.  Simultaneously I am constantly on the look-out for works of specifically Jewish interest.   And of course always at the top of my surveys are those artworks that one way or the other deal with the Bible.