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Harry McCormick’s Paintings: A Unique Jewish Genre

Written on July 03, 2013

Friday Night Candles
At the Chassidic Art Institute one artist, Harry McCormick, has rather amazingly fathomed the authentic heartbeat of the individual Jewish life.  This exhibition, running until July 25, shows a mere 16 paintings, but within the major works he is showing, six works reveal a deeply perceptive and sensitive chronicle of Yiddishkeit.

Zaslavsky’s Jews

Written on January 01, 2012

770 Wedding, (40 x 30) oil on canvas by Venyamin Zaslavsky Courtesy Chassidic Art Institute

Jewish artists do the darndest things. The Chassidic Art Institute, expertly directed by Zev Markowitz, is currently showing Venyamin Zaslavsky, a Ukrainian Jewish artist who has devoted the last 20 years to depictions of pious Jewish life in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

Shapiro’s Midrash
Paintings from Midrash by Brian Shapiro

Written on October 30, 2011

Jacob and the Angel (2011), oil on canvas, 22 x 22 by Brian Shapiro Courtesy the artist

The midrashic world is a dangerous place to inhabit.  It plays fast and loose with our sacred texts to fathom their deeper meanings, solve vexing textual and conceptual problems and, finally, make sense of the holy words in contemporary terms.  Midrash is passionate and deeply creative, just as the current midrashic paintings of Brian Shapiro currently on view at the Chassidic Art Institute until December 8, 2011.

Shmuel der Mahler
Memory Paintings

Written on December 05, 2008

Self Portrait, (37 x 32) oil on board by Samuel Rothbort Courtesy Chassidic Art Institute

Shmuel the artist is what they called him back in the Old Country.  At home and in cheder he was always drawing or modeling something.  Born in 1882 in Wolkovisk, Russia he grew up in poverty, his father a Torah scholar and mother a peddler of grain and flour.  Early on he was orphaned and with his soprano voice was apprenticed to a cantor to give performances from shtetl to shtetl in the Polesie swampy woodlands of Byelorussia.

Ben Wilson
The Roots of Abstraction

Written on May 20, 2008

Yellow Ark (1975), oil on canvas by Ben Wilson Courtesy Chassidic Art Institute

The road one chooses in Art, much like life, does not necessarily determine the final destination.  A youth can start in yeshiva and paradoxically end up a surgeon, a public school student can still find their way into the rabbinate.

Baruch HaShem: Other Views
Paintings and Objects by Lynn Russell

Written on December 30, 2007

One Way (2006), 27 x 21, painted photograph by Lynn Russell

Lynn Russell’s current exhibition at the Chassidic Art Institute challenges us with a piety that resists all easy answers.  First there are the Baruch HaShem pieces, highly unusual collaged texts combining letters, images and objects that somehow lead us to the painted and altered photographs of Jewish life, finally guiding us to her signature image, “One Way.”  Exactly where is the artist taking us?