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Ritual and Repetition

Written on September 05, 2007

Tzedakah (1999), by Harriete Estel Berman; pre-printed steel Courtesy The Jewish Museum

The bedrock of all religion is repetition.  Tradition as a religious concept is nothing less than the repetition of rituals, dress, thought and behavior of preceding generations.  For Jews the amount of repetition that is found in one’s life naturally expresses the degree of one’s piety.

Sarah’s Miscalculation

Written on August 23, 2007

Abraham Entertaining the Angels (1656) detail of Sarah and her angel Photo courtesy Harvard University, Fogg Art Museum

Rembrandt’s etching, “Abraham Entertaining the Angels is a pristine jewel of Biblical narrative.  The artist depicts the exact moment the story reveals its true meaning.  The guests have been comfortably seated and served refreshments by Abraham himself, shown humbly waiting on them in the lower right corner.

Frydlender’s Constructions

Written on August 08, 2007

Raid. 2003, Chromogenic color print by Barry Frydlender Collection of Miriam and David Landau, NY

What is Frydlender up to?

Barry Frydlender, the prominent Israeli photographer, is currently privileged with simultaneous exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  His New York exhibition consists of a mere 10 works that examine various aspects of Israeli life today.

Dateline: Israel at the Jewish Museum

Written on June 11, 2007

Wanderland, 2002-4, Gelatin-silver prints (18x24) by Leora Laor Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York

Photography is a tantalizingly young medium that burst upon the visual scene with the spectacular daguerreotype invented in France in 1839.  Its use and popularity quickly spread from Europe to the Middle East so much so that an early commentator on photography, Francis Wey, called pictures that document the Orient (Palestine) “peaceful conquests.”

The Jewish Gallery

Written on May 27, 2007

Rabbi in Prayer with Torah, oil on canvas, by Jankel Adler  Courtesy of The Jewish Gallery

Something is blooming in Brooklyn that promises a dramatic revitalization of Jewish visual culture.  While it has been a long time a coming, nonetheless it is cause for heartfelt celebration, and, most importantly, your support.  On May 9th Aryeh L. Wuensch and Isaac Gross opened The Jewish Gallery, an art gallery in Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) totally devoted to Jewish Art.

The Whole Megillah
Megillah Esther by David Wander

Written on March 30, 2004

Ahashverous and Memuchan, illumination and calligraphy by David Wander Megillah Esther (2007)

Such a nice story the Megillah Esther is, don’t you think?  The poor Jews are in exile far from home and get into a bit of trouble with God for not being so careful about theirkashrus.  Their only sin was attending a treif banquet the headstrong King Ahashverous made for the whole kingdom.  And then sweet but unlucky Esther gets rounded up and taken to be the King’s queen.

Grand Scale
Prints at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Written on March 30, 2004

Moses Breaking the Tablets of the Law (detail) (1590), Andrea Andreani after Domenico Beccafumi Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts Boston

What is it about big?  Why are we impressed by size when we all know that the quality of any given thing is easily just as, if not more, important?  The simplest answer is that while man can normally make many things that are small, i.e. on a human scale, the larger something is the more effort and skill seems to be necessary.

Jewish Enough in LA?
Prints at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Written on March 30, 2004

Deborah Giving Judgment (1991), Acrylic on canvas, 60” X 48” by Pat Berger

The L.A Story, a selection of work from ten contemporary Los Angeles Jewish artists currently at the Hebrew Union College – Institute of Religion Museum, poses the question of what exactly does constitute Jewish Art and what is its condition today on the West Coast.