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Contemporary Book Art and Hebrew Texts: MOBIA

Written on July 28, 2013

The “book” is a mighty big place these days and the current exhibition at MOBIA, “As Subject and Object: Contemporary Book Artists Explore Sacred Hebrew Texts” is no exception.  Highly mobile eBooks compete with online publications and traditionally bound volumes, scrolls, accordion-style tomes and folios that present equally exciting options for contemporary artists to interact with image and text in one unifying medium.  The 14 artists shown here take advantage of many of these possibilities to consider distinctly traditional Hebrew texts.  

Divine Encounter and the Sacred Doorway
Robert Kirschbaum: Small Paintings from The Akedah Series

Written on October 16, 2011

Akedah #51 (2008-2009) Mixed media on paper 9” x 8” by Robert Kirschbaum Courtesy the artist

Our encounters with the Divine are precious moments of personal religiosity.  We believe that when we pray we are speaking directly to God and at that moment we are in the Divine presence.  And yet we are seldom conscious of the awe and fear we should also feel.

The Enigma of the Name
The 42 Letter Name by Robert Kirschbaum

Written on March 25, 2010

Nine Square Cube (2009)

God’s Names.  What an odd notion.  And yet they provide us with a means of knowing Him better and, simultaneously, distancing us from the unfathomable enormity of His essence. The Bible ascribes approximately nine appellations, including ‘Lord,’ ‘The Tetragrammaton’ and other variants of the name ‘God.’  Later the Rabbis evolved another nine names, all of which are references to His attributes such as Master of the Universe or the All-Merciful.  Curiously two names are only references to the number of letters that make up the otherwise mysterious and unpronounceable name; the 12 letter Name of God and the 42 letter Name of God (Kiddushin 71a).