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The Inner View of Isidor Kaufmann

Written on November 14, 2002

Portrait of a Young Boy by Kaufmann

The Portrait of a Young Boy by Isidor Kaufmann, offered at auction on November 12, 2002 by Kestenbaum & Company, is one of many singular paintings by this unappreciated master of Jewish art. This modest little portrait, only nine inches high by six and three quarter inches wide, has a disproportionate power and can be seen as an example of how art can challenge prejudice and criticism leveled against Orthodoxy both in the beginning of the twentieth century and now.

Isidor Kaufmann - Shabbos

Written on October 24, 2000

Friday Evening, ca. 1920 Oil on canvas, 28” X 35” Jewish Museum; Gift of Mr. & Mrs. M. R. Schweitzer

We must be very quiet in front of this painting. It exudes a stillness and peace that envelopes us and makes us lower our voices. We whisper, “Shabbos has come!”

And as we stand in the special section of the Jewish Museum’s permanent collection devoted to Shabbos, we can see that this late and unfinished painting by Isidor Kaufmann has a special message for us to take home for Shabbos.