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Shapiro’s Midrash
Paintings from Midrash by Brian Shapiro

Written on October 30, 2011

Jacob and the Angel (2011), oil on canvas, 22 x 22 by Brian Shapiro Courtesy the artist

The midrashic world is a dangerous place to inhabit.  It plays fast and loose with our sacred texts to fathom their deeper meanings, solve vexing textual and conceptual problems and, finally, make sense of the holy words in contemporary terms.  Midrash is passionate and deeply creative, just as the current midrashic paintings of Brian Shapiro currently on view at the Chassidic Art Institute until December 8, 2011.

Genre Painting by Brian Shapiro

Written on August 09, 2010

Generations (2010) – oil on canvas (44”x 58”) by Brian Shapiro Courtesy the artist

Two Jewish holidays particularly command us to be connected with our vast history.  Most notably the Passover Haggadah demands that we feel as if we too went out of Egypt with the Jewish masses.  Less obvious is Tisha b’Av.