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Arbit Blatas: Centennial Tribute

Written on September 29, 2008

Elektra, Teatro la Fenice, Venice  oil on canvas by Arbit Blatas Courtesy Hebrew Union College Museum

Barbarism cannot triumph.  This is what we believe, as Jews and as Americans.  And yet it did a mere seventy years ago in the very heart of what was considered the cultural capital of Europe, Germany and Austria.  The rich cultural milieu that produced the music of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Brahms, and Strauss, and the pictorial masterpieces of Durer, Holbein and Cranach was inexplicably the birthplace of Hitler’s Nazism and his murderous jackals.  In some mysterious way the artwork of Arbit Blatas (1908 – 1999), currently seen in a centennial tribute at the Hebrew Union College Museum, holds this conundrum in a kind of uneasy balance.